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    E & M Landscaping is a landscaping service that brings you their expertise in lawn and tree care.
    We have grass installation and rock installation to upgrade the look of your yard. In addition, we provide fencing installation for clear and defined property lines and safety.
    Our tree trimming service can get your trees looking great again. All of our team of professionals have customer satisfaction as their goal. We're proud to serve the Aurora, CO area, so contact us today.
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Our Services

Tree trimming
Tree Trimming

If the trees on your property are getting overgrown, it might be time for tree trimming. Our service can restore the natural aesthetics of your trees while increasing their overall health. Removing dead branches also helps with safety so that nothing falls on passersby.

Grass installation
Grass Installation

A green, beautiful yard can liven up your outdoors substantially. We can help prep your lawn for new grass installation. We'll make sure there is fresh soil and that everything is level before we begin. You'll be enjoying your new yard in no time.

Fencing installation
Fencing Installation

Good fencing can be both decorative and protective, keeping pets and children inside while keeping out intruders. If you want to set up new fencing around your property, let our professional team handle your fencing installation in Aurora, CO with our quality work.

Rock installation
Rock Installation

If you live in a drought-heavy area or want to upgrade the look of your property with stone, E & M Landscaping can assist with rock installation. Natural rock and stone lend a sophisticated air to any property and require little to no maintenance after installation. Let us know if you're interested in this service.

Tree care
Tree Care

Trees can genuinely shape the look of a property with their size, type, and overall bearing. Let us help with all of your tree care needs, such as watering, mulching, and pruning to maintain tree health. They'll be growing better than ever after our services.

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